Harmonious Rhinestone Heart Ring - Trendmart
Harmonious Rhinestone Heart Ring - Trendmart
Harmonious Rhinestone Heart Ring - Trendmart

Harmonious Rhinestone Heart Ring

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Lovely, yet simple in design, the silver tone heart ring is a great accessory for day to day wear. The top of a bright silver tone ring is accented with a heart shaped adornment boasting wonderful sparkle.

Wrapped in a roped trim, the inside of the ring is embellished with remarkable rhinestone in a heart setting. Heart-shaped jewellery is a romantic gift that never goes out of style. 

Rings are adjustable to fit any finger.

We know how much you love our jewellery so we have created a small guide as to how you can make your jewellery last a long time.

- Fashion jewelry tarnishes when exposed to moisture, oils, salts and acids. Our skin transfers all of these, See below for some tips to keep your fashion jewelries from tarnishing.

- Thoroughly wipe each piece of jewelry with a soft, clean cloth as soon as you remove it. The goal is to remove any oil, salt or acid contaminants and to dry the piece.

- Store your fashion jewelry in its case, or in your jewelry box, with a moisture-absorbing product like 3M's silver protector strips or the small silica packets that typically come packaged with suitcases and shoes. If you don't have access to moisture-absorbing materials, make sure each jewelry piece is thoroughly dry, then seal it into a ziplock plastic bag for storage.

- Dry your hands before handling, or putting on, any piece of fashion jewelry from your collection. Remove your jewelry before showering, swimming or exercising.

- Minor tarnish can be buffed off with a jewelry polishing cloth, but cleaning heavy tarnish may also remove some gold or silver plate from the piece, so go easy. Store clean and dry in a soft cloth containers to avoid scratching the items; store individual pieces separately.

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